Gucci App For iPhone And iPod Touch

Gucci calls it ‘ground-breaking’, in reference to the app they just launched that’s suitable for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. I wouldn’t know since I just downloaded it but from what I’ve browsed so far it certainly looks engaging and interesting.

I just wish they had spent the same amount of time and effort (if not more) on their upcoming collections instead.

Take the Cruise 2010 Womens Gucci collection for example, which looks rehashed/recycled/reduntant (and I am just talking about the bags here). Ground-breaking? No, not at all.

Images: Gucci

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  • Anonymous says:

    Groundbreaking for being not so "groundbreaking"

  • Kevin @ myMANybags says:

    I like Frida's SS2010 womenswear for Gucci. It's sexy and sporty with innovative details. But cannot say the rest for the mens collection and cruise. She needs to excite her male fashion fans:-P

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