Bagaholicboy News #117 – +J Hits Singapore 3 December 2009!

Yes folks, you read it here first. It has just been confirmed that the Uniqlo +J collection (designed by Jil Sander for Uniqlo) for will make its debut in Singapore on 3 December 2009. Still in my opinion; better late than never. And that’s not all.

Another reason why the launch will be in December is because Uniqlo wants it to coincide with the opening of their largest store yet (17,000 sq ft to be exact) in South-East Asia (which will also be the third in Singapore) at 313 Somerset, another mall along Orchard Road that’s nearing completion.

Excited? I am! Now excuse me while I go figure out which pieces I just got to get…

Image: Uniqlo

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  • The Mike says:

    Hmm….I wonder what would come to our shores really?

  • Anonymous says:

    the collection that UK is offering is lesser than what japan is offering. the suits are not in the UK stores.

  • Kit says:

    you reckon any maddening que? people have already started q-ing hrs before shops open in the states! but then again, reckon the pieces avail from the collection wont be that fantastic in singapore.

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