Bagaholicboy Muses #128 – London; Snapshots

More snapshots, this time from London. The Queen Victoria Memorial, which is sited opposite Buckingham Palace and adjacent to Green Park.

St Paul’s Cathedral again. Very very drawn to this building for some reason. Does resemble Singapore’s National Museum to a certain extent don’t you agree?

Not exactly sure what or where this was, we had days where we just kept walking and walking, stopping only to take snapshots. After a while we realised no matter what direction we walked in we would always hit an Underground. It is true what they say; it’s not that easy to get lost in London.

A pet shop in Portobello. Called the Portobello Pet Shop.

Buckingham Palace! Not sure if the Queen was home though.

Harrods! Frankly though I preferred the youthful vibe of Selfridges & Co. more, Harrods is still a worth a visit. If anything, they’ve got Laduree and Krispy Kreme concessions inside. And the best loos in town. And don’t forget to check out both their food halls. Not exactly cheap, but definitely different.

Bicester Village! If you are going there, make sure you grab lunch at Villandry. Joe (of 00o00 fame) recommended it to me, and now I am passing that recommendation along. It’s that good… Huge Mulberry and Burberry outlets too, with enough discounts to satisfy the most demanding. Love.

Liberty. I only had time to pop by on the last day, and boy is it pretty! They also had the Hermès + Liberty collection on sale then which was lovely. Behind Liberty is Carnaby Street. Worth the walk through to see another side of London.

Something else we stumbled on by chance was The National Gallery which houses over 2300 paintings from Western Europe. Saw Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers too. Nice…

And finally, a parting shot. Thank you London, I had loads of fun, and I am glad that besides shopping I took the time to see your landmarks and monuments which were certainly enriching for me.

If anyone wants to ask me anything regarding my trip to London, post your query in the comments section here and I will reply as soon and as best I can.

Images: Bagaholicboy

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hi Anon, if I recall correctly the Union Jack was up, but then again, who can tell if the Queen is really in residence right?

    As for gallery, honestly I did stumble upon it, it was not even in our list of sightseeing venues to vist…

    But I am glad I saw what I did manage to fit in, and of course my loot!

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