Bagaholicboy Muses #123 – Homecoming…

For those of you in Singapore by the time you read this post I should already be in the air, on my way back to the sunny island after almost 3 weeks away.

It has been a really great trip for me, seeing London and Paris (and all their lovely landmarks) for the first time, shopping like there was no tomorrow (bag count is still 5 though I added a couple more inexpensive pieces), going to the City of Bath which was very memorable and of course, attending both Mulberry and Burberry Prorsum’s London Fashion Week events which were both awesome and an eye opener for me.

For those of you who have been writing to me asking about the best shopping/eating/sightseeing in both cities, I promise to cover them in my blog (as best I can) once I get back.

I’ve also not put the winners of my latest 3 giveaways (sorry!) which I will try to do on Sunday, and look forward to the next one which will start soon courtesy of Mulberry. During their event they gave out lovely Mulberry/London Fashion Week cotton totes, of which I then requested for extras for my readers. To my surprise they gave me 10, which also means 10 of you will be able to get one each as soon as I figure out how the giveaway will be done.

Excited? I know I am. I’m coming home!

Image: Bagaholicboy

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yea yea come back soon and update on yr Paris and London! Coz I am also going there for the 1st time in late Oct! πŸ˜› Not as lucky as u to join those fashion shows!

    I am thinking abt the usual LV and Chanel, maybe Champ but after seeing some of the bags at reasonable price and nice design, I might most probably add them in the shopping list if i have the time to shop around!

    Looking forward to yr posts. Dont jet lag too long hahah

    I see that u keep on mentioning 'bath' but its a 'foreign' word to me except the usual 'shower' term. A bit lame i must say. πŸ˜› though i think its a place somewhere in Europe.


  • Kevin @ myMANybags says:

    Welcome home BB!:-P

    Let's catch up for lunch soon and we can show off our loot to each other. I need to see that Goyard goodie you bought!

  • Dave Tan says:

    welcome home BB + the many bags.

  • theknees says:

    have a safe trip back!

    especially looking forward to your next few entries!!! πŸ™‚

  • Nashe^ says:

    City of Bath is amazing.

    Wow 10? That's crazy! Have a good trip home.

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