Bagaholicboy Muses #118 – Paris; Day 3

Bagaholicboy honestly prefers the macaroons at Jean-Paul Hévin more than those from Laduree, but has yet to try those from Pierre Hermé.

Bagaholicboy has given up looking for the Monogram Macassar piece he originally wanted and bought something from Loewe (from their avenue Montaigne boutique) instead.

Bagaholicboy also bought something from the Longchamp Le Pliage Eiffel Tower collection.

Bagaholicboy’s official bag count now stands at 4, one each from Goyard, Hervé Chapelier, Loewe and Longchamp respectively.

Bagaholicboy really needs to stop shopping…

Bagaholicboy is visiting La Vallée Village tomorrow.

Image: Bagaholicboy

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  • LA says:

    Did you ask at Ave Montaigne and Lafayette for your bag? CE usually tell you it's the last one yet I've found things in both those stores they weren't supposed to have

  • tze says:

    thanks for the speedy reply!! i want to get smth to wear everyday actually, but will check out the store all the same 😀 have fun!!!

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Yes, I will make sure I try those from Pierre Hermé before I leave Paris.

    MMMM, I think I know which ones you are referring to. Let me cover this when I get back from Europe ok?

    Hey Tze, no problem. My charms are doing fine, always keep them in the their box after each use, wipe it down before you do, and get the litte black square from the staff. It's free and it helps again tarnishing.

    Do look for Tricia, she is either at ION Orchard or Raffles City Shopping Centre and she rocks!

  • tze says:

    hi! im sorry if this comment is out of place, but i got here from a google search for Thomas Sabo charms. i've read the comments, some about the charms falling apart within months of purchase.. how have yours been holding up? thank you and have a blast!! 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi BB,
    Almost forget to add, now it explains how come the Hilton MULBERRY SA had shared with me that the Mabel series will be at their final stay in MULBERRY for this season! No more new design…so sad…

    So do grap them as they will be the collector's series!

    – Proud Owner of MMMM

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi BB,
    coincidentally I have encountered some familiar designs this evening at LOEWE, SG Isetan & here you mentioned that you have bought something from LOEWE.
    Did you find the range of Mabel's designs appearing in LOEWE store when you were there? To my surprise, I do find them rather the same, with a bit of changes done.
    Can the previous designer brings over those creations done in MULBERRY over to LOEWE? And can LOEWE uses them without putting their hertiage at stage?

    Care to share your view? This is interesting sharing moments for conscious bag lovers.

    – Proud Owner of MMMM

  • starbaby says:

    I am so curious as to what you bought from Loewe. I wonder what you would have chosen.

  • Benjamin says:

    4 bags? WOW!

    Hope you are having a good time 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    you must try pierre hermé – the others pale in comparison. get a bag full at the nondescript shop near st sulpice métro, troop down to jardin de luxembourg and enjoy…

  • Dave Tan says:

    Must try the Isaphan from Pierre Herme!

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