Ask The Bagaholicboy #108 – A Coin Purse For A Guy And Other Bits…

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I’m looking for a coin pouch for my friend and my budget is below SGD300. Do you have any recommendations? He wants the type that are ‘flat’; the ones with spring closure that can be opened by squeezing the sides instead of those that are ‘buttoned-down’. What do you think?

A: Hi J.T, thanks for the email. The type your friend likes are also the ones I detest the most. Over time, the metal spring becomes loose and coins start slipping out at random, and worse still, you get nicks from the metal bits on both sides, which can be unpleasant and painful. I would know, I used to own one myself many years ago till I finally got so fed-up I threw it out.

Here are some of my personal recommendations instead. Perhaps the most classic (and most original) of the lot is the Coin Purse, basically half-moons which come together to form a compact coin case. Popular with Japanese men, they are available in Monogram Canvas (SGD725), Taiga and Nomade, though I hear they will be phased out soon.

Something that’s closer to your budget is the Louis Vuitton Taiga Box Change Purse (SGS425), though my only gripe is that you’ve got to always hold it upright before you retrieve anything lest it all falls out. Personally I have been using my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Round Coin Purse for years now, and it works fine for me. I like the fact that it’s circular in shape and the zip closure is both a breeze (and joy) to use, though some men may find it too feminine for their liking.

Do also consider this; rectangular pouches with zip closure on the top which can also hold credit cards and the like, along with coins, which may be more appealing to a guy who wants convienence. All the major brands have 2 or 3 different variations, including Gucci, Loewe (shown above), Prada and YSL. More affordable brands you could check out include Coach and Jack Spade.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Images: Louis Vuitton & Loewe

And other bits:
1. Mary, logically speaking as long as your bag is considered pre-loved it will never fetch the original sum you paid for, not even if it is from Louis Vuitton, though I must add their resale values are still much higher than other luxury brands. If you are set on selling your bag, try taking it to Interesting (that pays you cash), or other consignment shops in Singapore.

2. Sean, you should first check with Marc Jacobs if they have any preferred leather cleaner for their leather goods to be on the safe side. As for the metal parts, always just keep it clean though tarnishing will eventually set in sooner or later.

3. Sancia, for all things Balenciaga in Singapore you can only get it from their boutique at Hilton Shopping Gallery. You can also order online from HGBags, just drop Erica an email to put you on her mailing list for future releases and specials.

4. Jan, when it comes to comparing prices of brands in different countries, always remember this. Country of origin. For example, Chanel will always be cheapest in France, though sometimes exchange rates do shake things up a little. Always do your homework closer to your trip, that way you’ll know for sure.

5. Charmaine, I would rather you spilt your keys up (one lot for home, the other lot for work) and get 2 separate key holders/pouches for it. Try Coach and Kate Spade for affordable variations in many different designs/colours.

6. Zameer, prices for the LV 3D collection have since been updated here. Do keep me updated if you are getting anything and do remember to share the joy with us.

7. Mei Sim, just remember this. As long as your final purchase from an overseas merchant is below SGD400 it will not be taxed GST when it comes to Singapore. As long as you exceed this amount (and that includes shipping charges and insurance), the entire amount will be subject to GST (7%) that you will have to pay when the package arrives.

8. Josephine, if you are considering the Donna Karan Eldridge as one of your options because it is more unique and/or edgy, why not check out Givenchy, Lanvin, Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci and Proenza Schouler as well? I like them all for different reasons, and I am sure this selection will give you more options as well.

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  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Thanks for your comment Anon. Will email you soon!

  • Anonymous says:

    hi there…i dont know how to ask the question so ask u from here…
    im still students and collect my money to by lv speedy 40..i dont know wheter is suitable for men or not because it made for women..but when i search at utube and etc, i saw that a few of the guy wearing it..the things is i dont know either its suitable wif me or not because im a little bit big what do you think??should i buy it or find other bags??plzz answer back my guestion [email protected]..thnx for ure help…

  • [v] says:


    Do you know the price of the Loewe pouches that you posted? Also, do they come in any larger sizes? I think that the shape and zip closure is perfect, but I'm looking for something that can hold my cellphone and some essentials… I plan on using it somewhat as a clutch… any ideas?

    Thank you!!


  • Allan says:

    Hermès also has one of those rectangular coin purses. It's called Clarisse and comes in GM and PM. PM is the coin-purse size, me thinks.

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