The Good, The Bag And The Ugly #51 – Michael Roberts & Gucci For Unicef Collection

We can all pretend it’s not there, but the truth is such; there is an elephant in the room. Or in this case, many elephants on a Gucci Unicef ‘Elephant’ Joy Boston. What is going on with the creative minds at Gucci you ask? Well, let’s just put it this way; because it is for a charitable cause I will cut out the sarcasm and just provide the bare facts.

For Gucci’s ongoing campaign to benefit Unicef, they have collaborated with author and illustrator Michael Roberts. Most famous for his 2005 book, ‘Snowman In Paradise’, the sequel ‘Snowman in Africa’ will be sold at all 200 Gucci boutiques worldwide from 16 November 2009. Priced at USD25 for each book, all proceeds will go to Unicef.

And that’s not all, a limited line of bags (including the Gucci Unicef ‘Snowman’ Joy Boston, shown above) accessories and SLGs will also be launched, with 25% of sales going towards Unicef which will incorporate Michael Roberts’ illustrations (shown above).

Now you tell me. Would you even consider getting one? Good cause or otherwise.

Images: Gucci

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