Updated Again – Fall-Winter 2009 Womens Louis Vuitton

I always say ‘here’s more eye candy for you’ whenever I’ve got something juicy and pretty to share, but this time, it’s almost literal. Fresh off the Fall-Winter 2009 Womens Louis Vuitton press kit are these, the Louis Vuitton Tutti Sweety collection. They’re a bit too cutesy for my taste, but I can see the appeal in wanting to own them. On the left we’ve got the bracelet, and on the right a pair of earrings.

More sweets, but this time these are from the Louis Vuitton Délice collection. Translated, délice means ‘delight’, and here we’ve got a delightful bag charm and a phone accessory.

Monogram Inclusion fans, take note. 2 more new colours will hit the stores soon, in Marine and Grège. I’m not exactly sure what the latter means, and when I tried to translate it I came up with ‘raw’. Besides the ones above, it also comes in the thinner version. The rings and hoops will also be available once everything is released.

And last but not least here we’ve got the Louis Vuitton Céleste collection. While I’m not 100% sure if they are real gold, they are gorgeous and my favourite of the lot so far. On the left, we’ve got the hoop necklace, and on the right, the bracelet. Aren’t they pretty?

More to come I promise! When you have press images to pore over it really makes a difference and it definitely changed my opinion on this collection in its entirety. Stay tuned!

Images: Louis Vuitton

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