Thomas Sabo Singapore Merlion Charm

Released in conjunction with Singapore’s 2nd Grand Prix Night Race that will commence on 27 September is the Thomas Sabo Singapore Merlion Charm. Parisians have the Eiffel Tower, New Yorkers have the Statue of Liberty, and what do we in Singapore end up with? A half-lion, half-fish mythical creature that Sang Nila Utama thought he saw on this island when he founded ancient Temasek (now Singapore) in 1299.

In my opinion, it was probably a very hot sunny day, and he was suffering from hunger and dehydration which caused him to see such things. Still it beats ‘Tapir Town’ or ‘Monkey Municipal’ anytime. At least now we are also known as the ‘Lion City’ because of that legend.

Retailing for SGD59 each, all proceeds in 2009 from sales of the charm will go to various charitable causes. Personally I wouldn’t get it, but that’s just me. And if there is going to be a next time, how about an orchid charm instead?

Image: Thomas Sabo

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  • katy says:

    you stupid idiots.

    if they made an orchid charm it wouldnt only stand for singapore? have you every heard of THAILAND? did you ever board a THAI AIRWAYS plane? you always get orchids.

    sure, an orchid would be a good idea for a Thomas Sabo Charm, but it surely wouldnt represent Singapore. i think turning the Merlion into a charm was a wonderful idea and I just got it a few days ago.

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