Mighty Wallet

It has been almost 3 days since I got my very Mighty Wallet in the mail (thank you Shinnpark), and honestly I’m still amazed at how it works. Made from thousands of interlocking plastic fibres, it’s paper-thin and folded origami style, not a single thread or stud anywhere.

Now I use it to hold my name cards, and when I travel to Europe in September it will probably hold most of my foreign currencies as well, tucked away safely and looking inconspicuous. At first glance you won’t even think it is a wallet, it looks more like a folded piece of paper, which is genius.

Best thing, it only costs SGD22.90 each and if you are in Singapore, shipping is free as well. Shinnpark also has a multitude of different payment methods, which is a plus for those without credit cards or Paypal (which they take too as well).

Image: Shinnpark

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