Louis Vuitton Bunny Hair Band

Remember those bunny ears we saw coming down the runway during the Fall-Winter 2009 Womens Louis Vuitton fashion show?

Well, they made it into production, albeit in a shorter, more wearable variation. The Louis Vuitton Bunny Hair Band. Good for a laugh and not much else I’m afraid. But if I do spot any brave soul sashaying down Orchard Road with this on their head I will definitely stop them and take a pic for the blog.

There are also loads of clutches in the lineup, including (from top to bottom) the Louis Vuitton Monogram Coquette in Bubblegum Pink, the Louis Vuitton Monogram My Deer in Rouge, and the Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade beauties in either Gild or Argent. More to come.

Images: Roberto Tecchio, Style & Louis Vuitton

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  • The Mike says:

    The bunny ears hairband is hot, I believe many versions from streetwise brands would be brandishing it galiantly very soon!

  • carpe diem says:

    Oh my god, I first saw the bunny years on Madonna like a month or so ago. Didn't know it was LV. Guess she is not the face of LV for nothing.

  • Eclair Au Chocolat says:

    The Monogram Coquette are very beautiful, and i also like the Monogram Brocade, the both.

  • Kevin @ myMANybags says:

    Hahaha…the bunny hair band is cute for costume parties…bunny girls:-) I hope someone wears it down orchard road…we need that to spice up the 'fashion' scene…although more for laughs:-)

    Love the monogram coquette…but so ex!

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