Bagaholicboy Muses #93 – The Postman Cometh

The stars must have been aligned in my favour because I received not 1, not 2, but 3 packages today! 2 are from Singapore, while the 3rd is from the States, but more on that later.

First up, I received a tote from Common Totes (thanks Damien!), who sent me 1 of the 2 winning designs from their ongoing competition. Called ‘Close Relationship‘, it’s by Anwar Rafiee who got immortalised with his very own tote (his name is even printed on the inside of the tote). It’s really easy to join by the way. All you got to do is to submit your best design, let the community vote for their favourites and if you are picked, you get USD300! Or buy yourself a tote for just USD19, which make really cool and interesting gifts as well.

And speaking of cool and interesthing gifts, check out what Shinnpark sent me! Besides the My Document Laptop Bag, Gin also sent me the Air Mail Mighty Wallet. The laptop bag is made of neoprene, and I adore its bright and cheerful exterior. Available in 3 sizes, its quirky design will be a great conversation-starter. Best thing? It only costs SGD42.90 each (with free shipping within Singapore).

Then there’s the Mighty Wallet which is tear-resistant, water-resistant and expandable. Thousands of interlocking plastic fibres spun in random patterns give the wallet incredible strength, and it comes in a gamut of lovely colours/designs. I did not really believe it till I tested it out for myself. It’s indeed lightweight and strong, and already I’m thinking that it would make a useful secondary wallet for me when I am in Europe. How much? Just SGD22.90, which really makes them affordable gifts (for both guys and girls).

And no, I decided not to reveal what’s in the box from the States just yet. Here’s a hint though, it’s huge, it’s from Killspencer and it’s something that is to be included in my upcoming anniversary giveaways! Thanks Spencer!

Images: Bagaholicboy

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