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As promised, here are more updates from the Prada Vela Collection. My last post got many of you excited, and yes I agree, the ones in Cerise are especially stunning. First up, the Prada Vela Tote With Shoulder Strap, that comes in 2 sizes. The first one (which retails for SGD1090) comes in all 4 colours. The second, a slightly smaller version retails for SGD1050 and only comes in Nero, Baltico and Rovere. Best thing about them, the shoulder straps are removable which gives you a couple more options on how best to use them.

Next up, the Prada Vela + Coccodrillo Backpack that only comes in Rovere. Retailing for SGD1700, I do think it’s stunning enough to warrant the slight more hefty price tag. It also comes in regular versions (sans exotics), and retails for a mere SGD1090. Colours available? Why Nero, Baltico and Rovere of course, but no Cerise as well.

If totes and backpacks aren’t your thing, how about the Prada Vela + Coccodrillo Messenger instead? Available in all 4 colours with exotic trim (SGD1570), or without for just SGD1090 (only in Nero, Baltico and Rovere). 

And now for the smaller bits in the collection. First up, the adorable Prada Vela Drawstring Pouch which comes in 6 stunning colours. Besides the usual suspects (Nero, Baltico and Rovere), it also comes in 3 more new ones (from left to right), Rosso, Arancio and Peonia. How much? Just SGD260 each.

And last but not least, all the smaller pouches, zip clutches and cosmetic pouches that Prada is famous for. Starting from SGD200 and up, there are 5 different types in all 6 colours. Gorgeous! Will anyone be getting anything from this collection?

Images: Prada

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  • VERONA says:

    Is the Vela Pouch (drawstring still available)? Black and how much?

  • YIANN says:

    do they still sell the small nylon pouch?

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Glad you like my blog Angelina!

    Get it Mr Duck! Yes Francis, I am tempting you!

  • Angelina Chew says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy,

    I chanced upon your website while hoping to see what nylon Prada bag I would like to get as my baby bag.

    You must have already received loads of compliments, and you truly deserve it. Your site is truly amazing especially when you update it so well. Thank you.

    I can never get the sales people at Prada to take me seriously when I want to look or ask about their products; maybe because I'm always dressed in my berms and a plain top carrying a baby in my sarong. Ha.

    Thank you for displaying the Vela collection. Now I know exactly what to get from the boutique.

  • deluxeduck says:

    love the colours, especially rovere.

  • theknees says:

    wow i want everything in Peonia! such a lovely shade of pink. and its perfect colour for small items like the pouches. i think the colour would be too bright for the totes and all. i can't wait to see them at the boutique! thank you!

  • Louis Vuitton LoVer says:

    Oooohhh…you are tempting me to the other side, BagaholicBoy!

  • chyi says:

    Stunning! Love the colors! captivating. I am itching to get some! Thanks for the great update, even prada website don do as good as you.

  • Niz says:

    I've checked out the drawstring pouch and all the other pouches and I must say that they're all lovely! Somebody grab them already! Hehe…

  • Suri says:

    Oh My God!! I always love Prada because of its simplicity and timeless features.

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