Prada Vela Collection

Is it just me, or is just about everyone doing bags in fabric these days? Whether it’s Tod’s Pashmy Stripe or Burberry’s Buckleigh, I’m guessing brands have realised the importance of pushing out lower-priced editions in order to keep customers buying and more importantly, keep themselves afloat. With that in mind, Prada has recently launched the Vela collection, which in my opinion does not sacrifice style and yet is relatively affordable.

Take the Prada Vela + Coccodrillo Tote (shown above) for example. Trimmed with crocodile handles, it retails for SGD1410.

But if that is still too much for you, fret not. Without the exotic trim, it retails for only SGD800. A slightly smaller size is also available, at SGD750. Best thing, the Prada Vela Tote comes in 4 different colours (from left to right), Nero, Baltico, Cerise and Rovere.

Here’s another look at the Velo collection, the Prada Vela + Coccodrillo Tote on the left, and the regular Prada Vela Tote on the right, which are both in Rovere.

Here are 2 more, but in Cerise. Stunning yet affordable, it’s a combination that will see them flying out of the boutique as soon as it’s stocked. They are also unisex, something both the ladies and guys can enjoy. I am not done with the collection just yet, there are loads more to introduced to you guys so stay tuned for more updates.

Images: Prada

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  • Anonymous says:

    oh damn, didnt know they come in two sizes. i already got the one in bronze at paragon yesterday and was wishing that it came in a bigger size and in black colour. oh well, but i do like it in bronze, it's kind of unique 🙁

  • the lazy turtle says:

    They're gorgeous. The cerise is eye-catching. Is it as big as the Neverfull? measurements? Thanks BB. 🙂

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hi Mike, no it does not. It reads MP, or Miuccia Prada…

  • Mike says:

    The tag reads VIP…

  • jo says:

    hello!! have to say these look great for shopping with. not that big on the rovere ones tho.. but cerise looks great!

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hi H.H, I will talk more about the tags later…

    Too small Kevin? They do come in 2 sizes…

    Yes Anon, the ones in Cerise are gorgeous!

    Getting one Joe?

  • Kevin @ myMANybags says:

    It’s so small…only girls can use it. I saw it on their catalogue but was disappointed by the size.

    They should have done bigger versions for guys…I want the croc trim ones:-P

  • Anonymous says:

    omg! the cerise shade is gorgeous! is the size comparable to LV’s Neverfull perhaps? thanks BB!

  • H.H says:

    Hi BB

    Great stuff!

    Btw, whats on the tag? M___ ?


  • 00o00 says:

    i saw these last week at the shops, thought it looked great. i love the croc trims

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