Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Irene

A new pre-fall bag that launches tomorrow in Singapore (5 June 2009) is the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Irene that will retail for a whopping SGD4020. Basically a more toned down version of last season’s African horror show (hence not a single mention about it here), I actually like this one.

Bascially an oversized shoulder tote, the Monogram Canvas Irene packs loads of internal compartments (actually 3) for easy organisation. Also given its longer handle drop, means it will sit comfortably on almost anyone’s shoulder. More classically styled and timeless than say, the African horror show, I regard it to be worth the investment (even if it is a little on the high side). But if you’ve just inherited your trust fund and want to go all out, do enquire about the ones in suede (Espresso and Coco) at SGD6200 each. 

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Where are you from Jgherr? Usually I would just put my name on the wait list and sooner or later something will pop out…

  • jgherr says:

    can you find an irene anywhere I would like one and they say they ae sold out.

  • LA says:

    I saw this in suede a couple of weeks back my store got it in early, it's heavy really really heavy but it smells good.

  • yzhuhuong says:

    is it released in australia? omg, it has my mummy's name! my mum will definitely love that 🙂

  • sglvoe says:

    there will be special versions of irene for the ion lv opening on the 1st of july!! with crocs trimmings and a lot more stuffs! cant wait!!! will you be there for the opening?

  • Mike says:

    BB, this is so funny. My mom actually got one of the African Horror Show that you are talking about. When she bought it, me and my dad was totally surprised. But she did just use the bag once only…:D

  • deluxeduck says:

    maybe its just me, but there's something odd about how the handles are attached to the body.

  • digimax says:

    Wow. I'm surprised the Irene is already in Singapore when the Monogram Totally is delayed until September!!

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