Fall-Winter 2009 Mens Mulberry

I’ve just spent a good half hour downloading the Fall-Winter 2009 Mens Mulberry press kit, and boy was it worth it! Really, what’s not to love about this gorgeous leather satchel/tote that’s coming out in a month or two. I love how simple and refined it looks, the double strap buckles a nice touch.

And since so many of us boys loved the Mulberry Shimmy so much (they must have heard our pleas), they have officially released a butched-up and manlier version just for us. I love that big-ass shoulder strap buckle and from the looks of it, you can wear this bag 2 different ways as well. Tote it over the shoulder, or slung across the body.

Best thing, both bags are in colours that I love, love, love! Saying it 3 times just gives that much more conviction don’t you think? And ladies stay tuned, there are loads of goodies just for you as well! Just not now, I’m thoroughly bushed…

Images: Mulberry

Update: 1 July 2009
A quick update on the names of the 2 gorgeous bags featured above (in case any of you need to make a reservation with your SA), they are the
Mulberry Balthazar Holdall and Mulberry Shimmy Holdall.

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