Bagaholicboy News #101 – Introducing The Burberry Snood!

First seen on the runway of the Fall-Winter 2009 Mens Burberry Prorsum show, then in the upcoming ad campaign, the Burberry Snood has already gotten Joe/Mr Duck/myself very, very excited. Touted as the must-have of the season from the mens collection, the Snood comes in many variations. From the looks of it, each Snood also differs in size/thickness/weight, but I’ll only know for sure when I head down to the local press office next week.

Besides the Mega Check in Camel (which the model is wearing), it also comes in Charcoal (shown above).

Then there’s the one in Dark Charcoal.

Definitely much bigger/thicker/heavier in size are these, the Burberry Cable Knit Snood in Black and Sandstone. Heavy duty and perfect for those in temperate countries.

It’s heartening to see that Mr Bailey took into account those fans whose tastes veer towards the bohemian and created a Snood in knit just for them, in Dark Plum and Grey. 

And in case you’re beginning to wonder why I’m so excited over something that’s only suitable for use in temperate countries, hear me out. Singapore may be hot outside, but our malls and office buildings are legendary when it comes to air-conditioning. You’re freezing your ass off at work, so what do you do? Put a Snood around your neck of course, which will keep you all warm and toasty. Bliss… 

Plus it will come in handy as well when I visit London/Paris/Barcelona in September. Double bliss…

Images: Marcio Madeira & Don Ashby, Style & Burberry Prorsum

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