Bagaholicboy Muses #84 – Thank You!

Remember the post I did last month, about the 6 kind sponsors who have come forward with lovely bags for my blog’s 2nd anniversary giveaways? They included Agnès b., Brahmin, Bree, Carga, Hayden-Harnett and Killspencer.

Fast forward to today and I’m proud to announce that 4 more have come onboard. Thank you HGBags (Balenciaga), Reebonz (Roberto Cavalli), Tiny Tapir (RuMe) and thirtyfour. While my original target was to get 24 sponsors (yes I can be rather ambitious), I’m honestly very happy with the response so far. Most of the bags have already arrived (my room does look like a mini-showroom now), and it’s a good mix (for both guys and gals). Killspencer is even making one specially just for me to give away, so that’s pretty exciting as well. 

And who knows, if I’m feeling kooky I may even start giving away bags (here or here) well before my 2nd anniversary (which officially falls on 1 August 2009). Here’s a tip for you as well, better start reading up on all the 10 sponsors listed above, you’ll definitely need all the help you can get to take any of these gorgeous babies home. 

Before I sign off, I do have an ongoing giveaway that’s happening right now. Have you joined up yet?

Sponsors: Agnès b., Brahmin, Bree, CargaHayden-Harnett, HGBagsKillspencer, Reebonz, Tiny Tapir & thirtyfour

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