Bagaholicboy Muses #81 – A Box From London!

A big-ass box arrived today, all the way from London. Remember when Joe (of 00o00 fame) got his pair of boots from Opening Ceremony via Yoox? I had to get a pair too, and thankfully he managed to grab me a pair before those in my size were sold out.

I used to spend all my money on bags, but lately I’ve realised that shoes do play an important part too (no thanks in part to Joe and Mr Duck). And while I’m still too cheap to get my first pair of loafers from Tod’s (mark my words one day I will), the Opening Ceremony Ankle Boots was too good a deal to pass up. Where else can you get a really nice pair in leather/suede for GBP39?

And Joe, thanks again for throwing in the flip-flops and condoms from Marc Jacobs. I may not wear those slippers just yet, but I will definitely put those condoms to good use.

Images: Bagaholicboy

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