Salvatore Ferragamo + Yohji Yamamoto

I had to read the press release 5 times just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks with me. It is always exciting when powerhouses in different fields collaborate, and in the case of the Salvatore Ferragamo + Yohji Yamamoto collection I thought it was finally time for me to invest in a good pair of leather shoes.

Till I got to this line. ‘Ferragamo archives have inspired Yamamoto’s signature interpretation of women’s shoes’. Wait a minute. These are shoes for women? I read on and came upon this. ‘Discreet and minimal in their femininity, the soft, round lines fit like a second skin’. 

Mr Yamaoto confirms it with this quote. ‘The first Ferragamo’s model I was interested in was their standard model Vara, they are so simple but fit perfectly to everyone’s feet. I was also interested in their femininity, which is so far from my creations’.

Images: Salvatore Ferragamo

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