Muji City Scarf

I saw these lovely scarves first on Excess Baggage, and like Mr Duck I wanted a couple for myself. And while there is no Muji in Australia, there are some in Singapore and I headed to the one at Paragon. The SAs there were completely clueless and said they were probably sold out. Undaunted I searched for them online, and found them at Muji’s EU site. Sadly, they do not ship to Singapore which left me with only one alternative, I had to ask the fabulous Joe (of 00o00 fame) for help.

A couple of weeks later the box arrives. It has been a while since I’ve got one of these, so it was pretty exciting ripping it wide open even though I knew what was inside. I got myself 2, the Muji City Scarf London and the Muji City Scarf Paris, which I thought were apt since I was heading there in September. I figured if I got lost I could always untie the scarf and ask a passerby for directions.

Measuring 90 cm by 90 cm, each 100% cotton scarf comes printed with a fairly accurate rendition of the city’s layout, with all the major roads listed. I also like storage tubes (the Japanese are really tops at packaging) and the fact that they only cost GBP10.95 each, which is very affordable. There are also handkerchiefs in this collection, but I decided to give those a miss.

Mr Duck, if you are reading this, I will be sending out your scarf and handkerchief (the ones featuring Paris only as the London hankie is sold out) on Monday. And Joe, thanks again for all your help!

Image: Muji

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  • teemu says:

    The Muji city hankerchiefs are awesome! I bought them from Tokyo in January. I have Kyoto, Paris, London and Tokyo maps 🙂

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