Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items Collection

Sometimes when it goes so wrong you just know it has to be right. And in the case of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items collection, you may snigger all you want but deep down you would not mind owning an item or two. I once read somewhere that Mr Jacobs (being that true visionary that he is) purposely launched Special Items to start them young, attracting kids, tweens, teens who can’t afford much but want to be seen with designer names.

And according to his theory, as they get older they generally progress next to Marc by Marc Jacobs and then on to Marc Jacobs. Keeping it all in the family, and keeping his tills full. I’m no kid myself but I sure wouldn’t mind the Marc by Marc Jacobs USA Tote (USD18), which is just kitschy-fabulous. Other bits that are great for summer include the Marc by Marc Jacobs Swim Cap (USD10) in bright neon colours, theย MJ Water Bottle (just USD5 each!) and Marc by Marc Jacobs Flower Tote, at just USD18 each.

Seriously, at these prices would you even resist? And no they are not available in Singapore, only in selected boutiques around the world including New York, London and Hong Kong (Kingston Street, Causeway Bay).

Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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