Coach Legacy Slim Travel Case

All of Orchard Road was pure madness today (what recession?), and instead of heading into the thick of the action we headed first to DFS Scottswalk Galleria. An oasis of peace and calm, it too was offering discounts, but up to 70% off, instead of the usual 30% the rest of Orchard Road was offering. There was hardly anyone, and we took our time to take it all in.

The usual suspects were on sale, from Bally (up to 70% off), to Celine (up to 70% off), to Chloé (up to 70% off) to Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs (both up to 30% off). We kept going round and round, I almost decided to get the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q. Magazine Clutch in Indigo (SGD400 plus after 30% off) and use it as a man-clutch, but I could not really decide if I wanted it.

We kept walking and finally ended at Coach, which was also having a sale. Bags and accessories released as recently as March 2009 were on sale, from 30% to 70% off. Mum picked up the Coach Hamptons Vintage Leather Hobo (released in 2008), which at 50% off came in at about SGD764 after discount. 

As for me, I spotted the Coach Legacy Slim Travel Case in Mahogany. I was pretty sure it would be pricey, seeing how it was full-leather and was big enough to be a weekend travel bag. It came with all the bells and whistles, including a removable shoulder strap, brushed aluminium padlock, keys, luggage tag and leather clochette that added a nice refined touch to it. Best thing about it? It was 70% off, so from SGD1355 I only paid SGD406.50. Not bad at all, considering I can be ‘rough’ with it and not worry about scratches or stains. Love it!

Image: Bagaholicboy

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  • Anonymous says:

    i bought a travel bag at dfs last week.. its nice and cheap after 70% less.. did u see it?

  • Mike says:

    Very nice BB…was wondering if Coach in States are having their sales yet…remember that we wanted those bright totes?

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