Bagaholicboy Profiles #15 – Using Apple Brand Leather Care

Many of you have written to me asking me what’s the best way to care for your Balenciaga bags and SLGs. While I do not know the absolute best way, this is the way I subscribe to. All you need is a bottle of Apple Brand Leather Care and 2 pieces of clean cloth.

Just follow the easy step-by-step guide:
01. Shake the bottle hard.

02. Pour small blobs onto leather.

03. Use cloth and do small swirls on leather. Some people use more, others less. It is really up to you.

04. Once the lotion is absorbed, flip over and do same.

05. Once everything is done, leave for a few hours. Then use the other cloth to buff and shine.

06. Do the same for the handles, but avoid the threads under the handles.

07. Also keep the lotion away from fabric along zipper because it may stain it.

There is a ‘downside’ to using Apple Brand Leather Care though. If you like your bags and SLGs ‘distressed’, do not use it. The lotion actually makes the leather ‘smoother’ and slightly more ‘smooshy’. I’ve tried it on both my Weekender and RH Coin Purse and I’m more than happy with the outcome.

You can order Apple Brand products online here, but the more convienent way if you are in Singapore is to just get it from Interesthing Shop, where it sells a bottle for SGD30.


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  • Aaron says:

    Sorry to ask.. how about Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bags?

  • baglover says:

    hi, can this be used for lambskin chanels? i read that its best not to use conditioners for lambskin bags but then. but i also read that its needed to condition your bags after cleaning them.

  • anne says:

    hi bagaholicboy, i actually have the apple leather cleaner. will this work on a ysl easy in patent which was stained by (horror of horrors) ballpen ink and the latest stain that it acquired is color transfer from denim pants. most bag experts say that there is no way to remove stains on patent leather. i absolutely love my ysl easy but now am afraid to use it for fear that it might acquire stains again. please help. many thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, i tried it on my red balenciaga but the color comes off when i wipe it. Do u have similar experience? I’m afraid to venture further since.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Not that I know of, so best not to try.

  • Anonymous says:

    Does it work for patent leather products?

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