Bagaholicboy News #89 – New Damier Graphite Additions!

As much as it is impractical for me to get one (unless I owned a yacht or worked on a cruise liner of course), I am still drooling over the new Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Steamer Bag45. It is tall and narrow, can’t be toted on the shoulder nor does it have a shoulder strap. First created to be hung on a knob and hold clean/dirty laundry, the SGD5400 stunner has no place in my collection. But I still want it. 

There is also the Grimaud in Damier Graphite (SGD2810) , another piece of travel luggage that harks back to the days of travel when it was all about luxury. Spacious and lightweight, it’s very similar to another favourite of mine, the Damier Ebene Greenwich PM. 

Much less romantic and luxurious but definitely most practical of the 3 here is the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Pilot Case. Initially only available in Taiga, it is also now more affordable at SGD3770. With its three level telescopic handle and built-in wheels, you can even wheel this cabin-sized bag right onto your flight with no fuss at all. Other new Damier Graphite travel pieces include the Garment Cover (SGD1960) and the Keepall45 With Shoulder Strap (SGD1860), which has been eagerly anticipated by fans for a long time. 

And last but not least, probably the only new item from this collection I can afford at the moment. The handy and useful Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Toilet Pouch, which comes in at SGD840. Measuring 25 cm across, it’s big enough for all my essentials when I travel, and being lined in black canvas on the inside also means I won’t get too paranoid about slight stains or spills.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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