Ask The Bagaholicboy #102 – A Leather Bag For Work And Other Bits

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I need some help here. I am planning to buy a leather bag in Black for work and my budget is around SGD900 to SGD1300. Do you have any suggestions? I am thinking of the Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot but you might have a better suggestion.

A: Dear Abie, thanks for your email. I took a quick look online at the Epi Soufflot (SGD1950) and while it ain’t bad, it does exceed your budget by about SGD650. Also, it is not as large or roomy as I would like, since it was for work and I would expect you to have more stuff to lug around. But if it is a smaller work bag you are looking for, I would recommend the Epi Lockit in Black instead, which retails for SGD1590 and is slightly closer to your budget.

Personally I adore the Miu Miu Wooden Handle Tote, which comes in at around SGD1575 or so. Yes it also exceeds your budget, but honestly how can anyone resist an all-leather tote that’s roomy and can be worn 2 ways? Alternatively, check out Agnès b. Coach, Kate Spade and Marc by Marc Jacobs for bags in leather that will definitely fit your budget.
Love, Bagaholicboy

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And other bits:
1. Dave, I would recommend more if I could, but since I have never shopped with them or know them personally I would rather not in case they are not 100% legit. Right now the only 2 resellers I fully endorse are Interesting Shop and Let-Trade.

2. Wee-Ling, from what I’ve heard, the Monogram Canvas Insolite Wallet is limited edition, which also means once they are sold out they are gone for good.

3. Kathleen, since Miu Miu is Italian you will probably get a better deal on it if you actually bought it in Italy. I’m really not sure on the prices in Spain or Portugal. Between the Coffer in Black or Grey I actually prefer the latter, much more sophisticated don’t you think? As for the size, why not go try it on at the boutique and see for yourself if it will be too big for you?

4. Jenny, the prices for the Epi Pont-Neuf and Epi Pont-Neuf GM are SGD2460 and SGD3180 respectively.

5. Alex, I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but from your email I think the Burberry Canvas Check Weekend Bag is a good fit for you. There is another variation in tan leather as well.

6. Claire, that’s right, the Mon Monogram service has been extended to all sizes of the Keepall and Speedy. According to another reader of mine, you can even choose whether you want a shoulder strap with the Keepall or not.

7. Katie, for a laptop bag under USD500 why not check out the Kate Spade Union Square Morgan Laptop Case, which retails for USD375. The Kate Spade Park Slope Calista Laptop Case ain’t bad either, at USD495.

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