Updated Again – Longchamp Ceci Est Un It Bag Collection

Yes it’s my 3rd update, but not because I am getting repetitive or long-winded, I just need to inform all of you that the Longchamp Ceci Est Un It Bag collection has finally landed in Singapore. But before you run out your door and head towards Paragon or Takashimaya Department Store please finish reading the post. Not everything is in, and so far only those in Orange are available. Those in Ecru will only be coming in next month. Also, only the 4 bags are in at the moment, the clutch (SGD314) will only be available at a later date. Prices range from SGD635 (like the ‘Légende’ shown above) to SGD949 (the large ‘Cosmos’ with the zippered top).

As for me, I am still more keen on the ones in Ecru, though honestly the ones in Orange ain’t bad either when I saw them last night at Paragon. What I really want however is the lovely Longchamp Ceci Est Silk Square, which measures 70 cm by 70 cm. They come in 4 different colourways, but I got my eye on the in Cream (shown above).

Then again, the one in Camouflage ain’t bad as well (shown above), and since they only cost SGD268 a pop, I might as well get both don’t you think? The only glitch? They are not in Singapore as yet, so expect an update (and perhaps a reveal) when they do. Stay tuned!

Images: Longchamp

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