The Search For The Perfect Manbag #66 – Balenciaga RH Weekender

I have decided. My next designer bag will be the Balenciaga RH Weekender. I don’t care how I do it, but I will get it… The only thing is, I have not decided on the colour yet, and right now I am torn between (from top down) Praline, Automne and Anthracite.

Currently in Singapore the Balenciaga boutique (at Hilton Shopping Gallery) retails them for SGD2769 each, which in my opinion is way too much to pay considering that they are way cheaper overseas. Also they’ve only got Anthracite (Kevin of MMB has one), Charbon (a very dark Brown) and Black in stock at the moment, which also means I won’t have much of a choice even if I want to get it locally.

Measuring 50 cm by 39 cm, there are 2 versions of the weekender (one for girls and one for guys), but according to my source (a reader who owns at least 50 Balenciaga bags and SLGs at last count), it does not really matter as there are only slight differences between the 2. The ladies version comes with the additional mirror and a slightly shorter drop, whereas the version for guys comes without and has a slightly longer drop.

Images: Balenciaga

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  • meng says:

    I understand that the Weekender had been discontinued. Any idea where to get new old stock for the guy version?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      You can try eBay but watch out for fakes, I suggest you look for sellers with good/high ratings. Or if you spot a couple that you like via eBay you could always email me the links to have a look? #happyshopping

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hey John, I did consider the Balenciaga Work before, but I honestly prefer a much larger bag, good for both work or play…

  • John says:

    I saw the colors Automne and Charbon last weekend in the Work style and both are super gorgeous colors. The Automne is very rich looking but I bought the Charbon instead because it’s more subtle yet still lovely!

    Have you considered the Work style? I’m around 5’9 (170 cm I think) and the size is good on me. I even think it’s still quite big on me and it holds a lot. The Weekender is just huge!

  • J xxx says:

    Just saw the Anthra in Balenciaga at Hilton yesterday, it has got the most TDF 09 leather. I had initially thought it was 07 leather because it was so thick and smooshy!

    Please get Anthra!!

  • LuxuryObsessed says:

    Congratulations! Autumn is a fabulous neutral. Very reminiscent of saddle leather. I think it will age beautifully as well.

  • LuxuryObsessed says:

    You can always try Balenciaga on West 22nd Street as well. They always have a nice selection in the back.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Looks like it has been decided… Autumn it is!

  • Sam says:

    wow S$2769 that’s uber steep, there’s some serious retail arbitrage to be made! And to the reader that asked about Balenciaga availability in the US, it shouldnt be a problem (depending on what city you’re traveling to). I got my black Weekender at Barney’s, in nyc theyre always a-plenty (or should i say B-plenty? haha) at Bergdorf and Barney.

  • LuxuryObsessed says:

    I actually prefer the shorter handles on the “ladies” version. I just saw one in INK and I thought it was gorgeous. Very deep indigo blue.

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