Fall-Winter 2009 Womens Hermès

One can never find fault with such beauty, especially in the case of this dazzling array of clutches and purses from the Fall-Winter 2009 Womens Hermès collection. Each one more luxe than the next, from a fur-trimmed Hermès Kelly Longue to pieces in exotic crocodile.

Another highlight of the runway show (at least for me) are these trompe l’oeil Birkins, which are simply fascinating. If you look closely enough, the front of the bag is actually non-existent, and everything you see is just embossed on the surface which got me wondering. Is this even a real bag? And if so, where does it open? Will it be more expensive than a traditional Birkin, or not? 

Images: Monica Feudi & Gianni Pucci, Style

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  • Vinny L says:

    Hey Michael,

    Haha thanks mate, I know (very big on Art History). What I was getting at was that a trompe l’oeil emboss on the leather is still a beautiful effect… just not right for a Birkin. Definitely my bad on the poor phrasing though, so thanks for the clarification!

    On another note though, I think I failed to realize how flawless the clutches are since my initial attention was first drawn to those Birkins! Wow, absolutely stunning.

  • deluxeduck says:

    i’ve never been this intrigued by a Birkin before. im really loving this bass-relief trompe l’oeil effect of the embossed leather. makes the bag almost sculptural. id assume it opens at the top with a zipper or something.

  • Michael Rex says:

    Vinny L, trompe l’oeil is not a leather, it basically means “optical illusion” in French…


  • Dusty Bunny says:

    I guess the reason they came up with this design could be due to how most Birkins are being carried by ladies/gentlemen around the world. Most Birkin carriers leave the holy grail unbuckle, with the straps hanging out. Personally, i feel it looks nicer with the buckle carefully straped on. 🙂

  • Vinny L says:

    Hm… I thought I was going to dig the new trompe l’oeil Birkins. Since that Birkin collecting mother of mine has been telling me to keep an eye out for its debut for the past few weeks, I thought the new style was going to be something absolutely fabulous. But frankly, while indeed fascinating, the bag is too understated. I think the embossed surface takes away the Birkin’s charm. Oh well, at least the material is beautiful (hard to go wrong with trompe l’oeil).

  • Joe Nasty says:

    Would it be a stretch to guess that the faux-birkins open at the top, between the handles? Would seem not only practical but, IMO quite obvious. I wonder with so many well done birkin-esque clones from other manufacturers, what the point of this is? Me no likey.

    The crocs on the other hand… You can never be to rich or have too much crocodile/alligator!!

  • 00o00 says:

    i think that birkin’s front is sewn on or fixed, and it opens by the top, like an open top bag. i think it’s clever and playful.

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