Chanel Unlimited Collection

As much as you can, you respect the elders, which is a value still taught in Asian cultures today. With that in mind I shall hold my tongue and not say anything untoward about Uncle Lagerfeld. Introducing the Chanel Unlimited collection (8 different pieces altogether), which based on the price points alone is geared towards those who want a piece of Chanel but can’t quite afford a Classic Flap or a 2.55 yet. Take the Chanel Unlimited Sling Tote (shown above) for example which retails for SGD2090.

Or the Chanel Unlimited Drawstring Tote, only a mere SGD1520.

And if you need everything in your collection matchy-matchy, don’t forget to get the Chanel Unlimited Garment Bag as well, at only SGD1940. So you see, though it may still seem expensive to the layman, by Chanel’s standards it’s still darn affordable. Just don’t expect style or substance with your purchase. 

Images: Chanel

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  • Me says:

    They look horrendous! If someone just wants a piece of chanel, they’ll almost be better off buying counterfeits, of 2.55 or such.

  • Kevin and myMANybags says:

    Oh dear, these look horrid to be chanel. It definitely damages the integrity of the house of Chanel. Have never seen anything as bad as these. It look so cheap!

  • Dusty Bunny says:

    Uncle Lagerfeld will be feeling ouched if he saw your clever deliverance of the Unlimited collection.

    Bet they’re the next best-selling counterfeit products in the next few weeks to come! Sigh!

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