Bagaholicboy Profiles #9 – 10 Essentials: MyMANyBags

Here’s my third installment of 10 Essentials, and after Mr Duck (of Deluxe Duck fame) and Joe (of 00o00 fame), we’ve got Kevin of MyMANyBags. Many of you here will know who he is, one who shops (in my personal opinion) as much as Becky Bloomwood. It is also very apt that he should be the third in my on-going series, since very soon all 3 of them will have something in common. I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, and for now let’s just delve into his 10 essentials…
10 Essentials: MyMANyBags
1. Music soothes the most ‘savage’ beast and my iPod Nano allows me to escape into another world. own. My single most favourite track is Katja by Cantona from the Cafe Ibiza compilation.

2. I recently acquired the YSL Y-Mail Dogtags. Jewellery is an important part of my wardrobe and brings life to an otherwise plain outfit. I do however do it sparingly to avoid getting overwhelmed.

3. Every man needs a pair of jeans. Not just any pair, but one that hugs at all the right places, one that makes you feel great every time you wear them. I love my D&G Audacious Fit Jeans!

4. What’s a fashionista if he or she does not travel the world and help ‘save’ other economies? The Wallpaper City Guide is concise and spot on with chic places to visit in the most exciting cities around the world. I buy one each time I travel to any of the cities featured in this series.

5. Beyond bags, I love my shoes. More than anything, I love white shoes, and nothing is more reliable and affordable than Converse.

6. Every six months, I invest in this magazine to bring me up to date on next season’s runway looks. Knowledge is power. And I get to drool over the models in L’Officiel 1,000 Models Men’s Collection magazine everytime.

7. One of the pillars of my life is my Apple Macbook 13″. All my work, my files and my music can be found inside and yet I take it for granted the most. Must cherish it more!

8. I have many bags. But if I were to pick a bag that I feel most dearly for, it will have to be my Prada Tan Canvas Tote. This ‘safari’ style zipped tote has accompanied me to cities like Bangkok, London and Paris, as well as many trips down Orchard Road in between.

9. This scent brings back memories of my first holiday with a special friend who roughed it out with me in Borobudur. I actually got it (Dior Homme edt) at Changi Airport before we flew over to Indonesia, and now whenever I use it I remember the good times we had.

10. What’s the use of having nice clothes and bags when your face looks like it’s been run over by a pile driver? I highly recommend Dermologica‘s Special Cleansing Gel and Skin Prep Scrub. Nothing feels better than a clean face.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sure Bagaholicboy, I have already dropped you an email (gmail). Waiting your reply… : )

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hi Anon, perhaps you can drop me an email? [email protected]

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I love your taste and style. I am too an Hermes belt collector and I love Bags and shoes…

    At present, I love Prada bags. I like to look of the bag, the material and entering the store…
    I ahve 3 Prada bags now. Am tempted to buy the extendable tote/bag at $2900… but its a bit too expensive. What’s your take on this and what would you say is the perfect man-bag… or the must have?
    Thanks!!! : )

  • Mario says:

    Hey, this is really nice!
    Great selection!

  • freshmess says:

    Love this feature, Kev and BB! Well deserved feature.

    Oooh, he did get the Orange Keepall! Woot woot.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Well, Joe, I think you know, but I will let him do his reveal in due time… last I heard he was busy taking photos…

  • 00o00 says:

    very interesting!

    i thought kev would have a very tough time choosing an “essential” bag from his many many bags!

    and what common thing amongst the 3 of us i am now did kev acquire the orange graffiti keepall???!

  • deluxeduck says:

    good selections Kev!

  • Kevin and myMANybags says:

    ooooh…my very own little feature:-P

    Thanks BB!

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