Bagaholicboy Muses #60 – Mulberry Prize Ribbons

One of the themes employed by Mulberry this season seems to be prize ribbons. Lots and lots of them. You will see them all over their website, as well as in the window displays in the boutiques here (Hilton Shopping Gallery and DFS Scottswalk Galleria). Personally I think they are adorable, and quite apt considering so many of this season’s bags are clear ‘winners’. And as fate would have it, yesterday when I was DFS Scottswalk Galleria I managed to swipe 2 along with a catalogue. 

Ok I didn’t exactly steal them, the SA did ask me to help myself, so I did. I got one in Orange/Cream and another in Orange/Purple. Such a cheap thrill, but a thrill nonetheless. Now I am just wondering what to do with them.

And since we are on the topic of ‘winners’, I know a few of you out there are considering the new Mulberry Bayswater Clutch (SGD1299). I checked them out for myself and I’ve got to agree they are worth every penny, considering its size (33 cm by 21 cm) and the fact that it is in full leather. Colours I adore include Pale Pink and Coral, though the latter would probably ‘last longer’ and be less prone to nicks and scuffs.

Another clear ‘winner’ (this time for the boys) is the Mulberry Taylor Tote in Striped Denim. Lightweight, roomy and functional, even Boo was enthralled with it. Retailing for SGD999 (43 cm by 40 cm), this firm twill canvas tote is definitely another great buy.

Images: Mulberry & Bagaholicboy

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