Ask The Bagaholicboy #95 – Sandals From Louis Vuitton And Other Bits

Q: Dear Bagholicboy, I really need your help this time! I am deciding if I should buy this pair of sandals from Louis Vuiton. I just went for the fitting just now and honestly, it’s quite raw. Another thing that is holding me back is the price (SGD590). Is it worth it? Especially now since there is an economic crisis going on, I am pretty torn about it. It will however look good with bermudas and I don’t own such a design of footwear myself. So tell me, should I? Or shouldn’t I?
Hairi Omar

A: Dear Hairi, the answer is simple. You shouldn’t. I may not know footwear as well as I know bags, but I know one thing. If I have to spend so much on footwear from Louis Vuitton, then I will rather invest in their lace-ups or sneakers which will see much more use in my daily life. Take away the label and you’ll realise that SGD590 is too much to pay for such a simple pair of sandals.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Louis Vuitton

And other bits:
1. Lynette, though it may be cheaper to get any designer bag from eBay, there is a huge risk it could be fake. And since this is going to be your first big purchase, I suggest you get it from the local boutique instead.

2. Em, like Lynette, I am going to say the same thing. eBay can be tricky, especially for those who don’t know how to tell if the item they are bidding for is 100% authentic or not. I’ve seen the images you email me and frankly I am not convinced.

3. Yvonne, if you love the Louis Vuitton Mahina L in Chocolate I say go for it. Though personally if you ask me I still prefer it in Biscuit.

4. Serene, if you want ‘bang for your buck’ than definitely get the Monogram Canvas Eva Clutch. It can be worn 3 different ways (in the hand, over the shoulder and across the body), which makes so much sense now especially if you want to stretch your dollar.

5. Kenneth, your budget of SGD2000 for a school bag is hardly modest. You’ll have many options, but definitely check out Burberry Prorsum, Gucci and Prada.

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  • Anonymous says:

    If you have to think twice, don’t buy. Your inner instinct is just telling you what bagaholic boy and kevin have just advised! Go for more bang with the bucks purchases- be a rock star 🙂

  • p76 says:

    the straps are just of cloth material? really overpriced.

  • Kevin and myMANybags says:

    the sandals do look unique…but if it looks raw…but it may not be justifiable to pay such a high price.

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