Update – Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection

I don’t know what’s nicer, the photography, or some of the pieces from the upcoming Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola collection that’s due out in March 2009. Designed by Sofia herself, the capsule collection started out as a quest to make the perfect bag for both her and her friends, and in her own words, ‘something classic that goes with everything and is not identifiable with any season’.

For those of you waiting anxiously in Singapore for the launch, I’ve heard that this limited collection will only be sold at 5 Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide, which probably means we will not be one of them. I could be wrong, so stay tuned for updates and meanwhile, just enjoy the images.

Images: Andrew Durham, Louis Vuitton

Update: 24 February 2009
Just did a quick check with my sources, and according to them, this collection will be available in Singapore but in limited quantities from March 2009. Prices I’ve got are also tentative, but here goes. The leather bag (Speedy/Keepall hybrid in Cobalt or Jasper) will retail for SGD5900. The same bag, but in Monogram Canvas will retail for SGD3400.

As for the clutches, the one in suede will go for SGD2220, while the one in Monogram Canvas will retail for SGD1970.

Updated Again: 25 February 2009
Just something quick, there is actually a third version of the SC bag which I missed out previously. It will come in suede (in Asphalt) and will retail

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