Louis Vuitton Naxos Collection

Remember these? First covered under the Spring-Summer 2009 Mens Louis Vuitton collection, they have finally been launched in Singapore and are collectively known as the Naxos collection. First up, we got the Louis Vuitton Naxos Cabas, which comes in White (shown above) and Taupe. Crafted with an ‘exceptionally supple leather’, the Naxos Cabas measures 45 cm by 38 cm, and is also the most affordable of the 3, at SGD3940

Next up, we got the Louis Vuitton Naxos Messenger in Taupe (also comes in Bleu Marine), which measures 42 cm by 28 cm. This one packs 2 exterior zip pockets, with 2 more on the side, a zip pocket and mobile slot. And because of the 2 additional zip pockets (the Naxos Cabas only comes with the 2 interior pockets), you will have to cough up SGD4930 for this baby, or about SGD1000 more.

Sadly the one bag I love the most from this collection is also the most expensive, and it retails for SGD5900. The Louis Vuitton Naxos Doctor Bag measures 60 cm across (that makes it longer than the Graffiti Keepall50 for example), and comes in Bleu Marine (I love this one!) and Taupe. On the inside, a zip pocket and 2 slot pockets. It also comes with its own luggage ID tag (a nice touch), which strangely does not come with the Messenger or the Cabas.

I still can’t attest to paying such a premium for a ‘plain’ leather bag, but I guess its true beauty needs to be appreciated by the ‘right’ person. Yes, no, maybe. We shall see…

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi kevin and mymanybags: I am feeling the same way abour graffiti too and I am very interested in the white cabas. Except that I am female and not sure about using a male bag.

  • cindy says:

    whoa…. u should contact maria the personal shopper at harrods in the uk…. [email protected]… fast and amazing… she got me the last jade whisper pm transferred in and sent to me in san francisco… paid uk retail price + 55 lbs shipping and 35 lbs admin fee (cuz she had to transfer it from new bond street) (saved over 30% in US prices). say i referred you!

  • The Mike says:

    Wow…the price tags ar alarming….my credit bills gnna be smokin’

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hard to say Dan, this collection is after all 100% leather, which is usually expensive anyway.

  • Dan Ho says:

    E Doctor bag is really nice but tats a bit too ouchy for tat price.. is it really me or is LV’s prices is going up?

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