Fendi Twins Tote

There are really 2 ways of looking at this. On one hand, it is so bloody expensive it ain’t worth paying for it, even if it is all-leather. Not a single monogram anywhere, besides the handle clasps with the distinct FF logo which are too small to be easily spotted anyway. What’s the point if the person across from you in the train can’t tell where it’s from? Sure it comes with its own removable shoulder strap and its size is large enough for A4 documents (Rihanna even used hers for groceries) but that’s besides the point isn’t it?

On the other hand, because it is free of any monogram patterns, logos or fleeting trend touches, it easily becomes a timeless classic that one can use for a long time to come. It also comes in wide variety of colours that both the girls and guys (there is one in Navy at Net-A-Porter for SGD2026 or so) will find appealing. The Fendi Twins Tote, which retails for SGD2680 in Singapore by the way. Yay? Or nay?

Image: Fendi

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  • Anonymous says:

    i agree that this bag is nothing special. however, i completely disagree that there needs to be a distinctive logo or monogram somewhere on a bag to make it special.

  • Anonymous says:

    therez a similiar shape from prada

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s called Twins if I am not mistaken because the Olsen twins was carrying a few of the vintage bags that has the same look and there was a demand from the public to reproduce them.

    As for me, no logo is fine. Shouldnt shout all the time. I think I saw a cheaper version, not called Twins though.

  • Nur says:

    I think monograms are too loud and screaming for attention so its a yay for me. Cos a superbly constructed leather bag with minimal embellishments is more effortless and timeless.

  • needforfrills says:

    nay for me too. rather spend the money on sprouse.

    but why twins when i only see one?

  • Anonymous says:

    Nay for the quality of leather from Fendi. Not totally worth it yet.

  • alfred says:

    a yay for me, one who goes for subtle,understated designs. Many brands cannot be spotted by the person sitting across the train, ie Bottega Veneta, Mulberry, etc (Unless he/she knows the actual brand. Then again, Cole Haan looks like BV too :P)

    But the price has to be justified. Bottega Veneta bags are expensive due to superb workmanship and a high quality leather. If this bag’s leather is of average or just above average quality, the price would simply not be justified.

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