Burberry Buckleigh Nylon Tote

It’s dangerous to window-shop, and as much as I believe that one can always exercise self-control, sometimes it just does not work, especially not for someone like me who tends to obsess too much. It all started last Sunday after I did a round in town to do a post on some of the latest bag offerings available in Orchard Road which subsequently did me in.

So what was I obsessing over? Well, as all of you may know by now, most of my bags are pretty ‘loud’, and of late I wanted something simpler and low-key. It would have to be in some dark colour, made of something in nylon or fabric and not too expensive, so I won’t feel the need to ‘baby’ it too much. Which brings us to the Burberry Buckleigh Nylon Tote. It fit all my criteria perfectly, but I did not want to do anything impulsive on Sunday and left empty-handed.

Till today that is. I could not stop thinking about it so I went down just before they closed to check it out one more time. Yes, I still wanted it. On the outside, very clean and simple, which was what I was looking for. On the inside, a wonderfully lined interior with an additional zip pocket. And because it costs only SGD475, I won’t feel the need to be overly paranoid about dirtying or damaging it, which can be stressful at times. And I look forward to using it as much as possible, including (and especially) on ‘rainy days and Mondays’.

Besides Black, it also comes in Khaki and Blue. There is also a smaller version for the ladies (SGD350), and it comes in more feminine colours including Light Purple and Red.

Images: Bagaholicboy

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Anon, the base is about 8 cm wide, so it can fit a water bottle pretty nicely… go check it out, I am pretty sure there are still stocks available.

    Akaigal, I don’t think so, but it will always be cheaper to get from the country of origin, and in this case it would be England.

  • akaigal says:

    Hey, is it already sold out?
    Do you tink it’ll be cheaper to get it Europe?

    Cos’ I’m intending to get my 1st branded bag, but kinda lost…
    1.it has to be functional
    2.I gym often,big bag will be nice.

    And my bestie will be in Paris soon, wonder u have any suggestion of bag for me to buy?
    Budget:$1k +/-

  • Anonymous says:

    ^^ say whaat?? dang, i was just planning to chk it this weekend. btw, bagaholicboy, love ur blog. may i ask if the bag is flat based like a magazine tote or a wide one where u can put bottled water etc? thks!

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Really? They sold out already?

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