B3: A Strap For My Speedy And Other Bits

Q: Dear Bagaholicboy, as always, your blog and bags are fabulous. Since I last contacted you, I have indeed gotten myself the Louis Vuiton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy30 in Ebene. However, now, I am itching to get myself an appendage, in the form of a detachable strap for it. I have found that sometimes, it can be quite bothersome to carry a bag on the crook of your arm while doing unplanned grocery shopping. I did enquire at the local boutique here in Kuala Lumpur, but the (not very helpful) SA said they only have cowhide straps for sale. Is it possible to buy something that suits my Monogram Mini Lin Speedy30 do you think?

A: Dear Elly, that’s great news. I said this many times before, and I will say it again, every woman should at least own a Speedy in her lifetime. Now back to your question. Yes, there are cowhide straps that are on sale in various widths and lengths from Louis Vuitton that are meant for either bags or luggage. 

However, there are other options as well, and something your misinformed SA was clearly not taught or did not bother researching. Besides cowhide, there are others as well, including one in Epi, another in Taiga and yet another in Damier Géant Canvas. But the one that will suit you best is the Louis Vuitton Adjustable Shoulder Strap (shown above) which retails for SGD320 in Singapore. Designed for Damier Ebene bags, it will also match your Monogram Mini Lin Speedy30 in Ebene very well in my opinion. Measuring 12 mm in width, its length is also adjustable, so you can make it as long or as short as you require.

And one more thing, the next time you hit the boutique give them this reference code (J52313), which should make finding it in the system much easier.
Love, Bagaholicboy

And other bits:
1. P, the nearest possible country to pick up Goyard now will be Hong Kong. Unless you are looking for the Goyard Saint Louis GM in Black or Brown then check out Hide And Seek.

2. Lynn, the Chanel Classic Flap does come in 3 sizes, but because they come in different leathers and variations, prices will vary accordingly. Do check with the local boutique instead for a more accurate answer for the model you are eyeing.

3. Sandra, between lambskin and calfskin (for the Chanel Classic Flap), I would pick the latter as it is more ‘lasting’. As for the exact retail in Paris I am not 100% sure, but if I recall correctly it should be under SGD3500 or so. And with the tax rebate you are looking at least SGD500 in savings.

4. Justin, Louis Vuitton never puts their bags on sale, so if you are looking for something older that’s still in stock they will usually transfer it in for you. Gucci on the other hand puts their bags on sale after each season until they are sold. If you are looking for specific models try eBay (but be wary of fakes) or Interesthing, which has a good selection of past season bags from Louis Vuitton now.

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  • Elly says:

    Dear Bagaholicboy,

    You really made my day! You are my guru, idol, and most possibly the next man I fall in love with!!! (after my husband, that is)

    Thank you so much!

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