Ask The Bagaholicboy #92 – A Bag Charm For My Alma MM And Other Bits

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy. Congrats on you new acquisition! Your Burberry Buckleigh Nylon Tote looks great! I need help. Serious help. I just got the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma MM in Amarante. I think it’s the most beautiful bag in the world. Now I need something to dress it up. I was thinking of a bandeau, but didn’t see one that matches/contrasts nicely. I also love bag charms. So, can you, pretty please, please, help me out here? I love the Louis Vuitton Trunks And Bags Key Ring in Rose Pop. But would it match? I also have a few others in mind, including the Louis Vuitton Tapage Bag Charm, the Louis Vuitton Caprice Key Ring and the Louis Vuitton Papillon Bandeau. What do you think?

A: Dear Nur, thanks for your kind words, I really love it and even used it today when I went to work. Now on to your query. Congrats on your Monogram Vernis Alma MM, I’ve got to agree with you, it is truly one gorgeous bag. And now you want a matching bag charm? For starters, you can forget about the Tapage Bag Charm. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got one and love it to bits as well, but its edges are pretty sharp and could end up scratching your bag’s surface. Ditto for the Caprice Key Ring as well.

I do love the Trunks And Bags Key Ring (SGD505), it is really rather matching. The one in Rose Pop (shown above) is a good choice, but personally I would get the one in Amarante. Too matchy-matchy? Maybe, but honestly it will just make your Alma MM even more classy and elegant. I also think the Louis Vuitton Coeurs Bag Charm in Amarante (SGD540, shown above) will be another great choice, but don’t take my word for it and go check it out for yourself.
Love, Bagaholicboy

And other bits:
1. Summer, what you need is a Zippy Coin Purse, which suits your requirements and budget. Click here to check out all that I’ve featured to date.

2. Karen, Louis Vuitton never goes on sale, and there is no such thing as ‘run-offs’ from the workshop selling at low, low prices. I also checked out the link you included in your email, those are definitely 100% fake. Stay away from it!

3. Paix, your choice from Gucci is great! Other wallets you should check out include those from Jack Spade (quirkily offbeat), Bottega Veneta (timelessly luxurious) and YSL (stylishly classy).

4. Steve, if the girl you are buying for is into Monogram Vernis, then check out the Key And Change Holder from this range, which retails for SGD455, well within your budget. If not, check out the Monogram Canvas Multiclés Rabat, which also allows for namecards and keys, retailing for SGD360.

5. Sharil, if it has to be a messenger bag from Louis Vuitton, do check out the following which I like, including the Damier Ebene Brooklyn GM, the Damier Graphite Renzo, the Monogram Canvas Abbesses, the Taiga Andrei and the Utah Messenger.

6. CK, when you mentioned you are looking for a sleek and flat wallet, the first few brands I thought about were Dior Homme and Jil Sander. In Singapore, you can check out Club21 Men at Four Seasons Hotel (which carry both brands) on what’s available

7. Faustina, Melvin & Mike, all 3 of you are pretty much looking for a tote or messenger bag but on a very limited budget. I would suggest you guys check out Gap, Lacoste (Level 1, Isetan Scotts) and LeSportsac for possible options. And Mike, because your budget is slightly more, why not check out Agnès b. and Jack Spade as well. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    Got me my wallet early Mar. It’s a Bottega Veneta Blue Intrecciato Nappa Basic Wallet (with 6 card slots). Yum. 🙂 Thanks BB. – CK

  • Nur says:

    Hi BB!! Thanks for the advice! Think I will get the trunks and bags charm. LVoe the simple, old-school look about it.

    I just realised that I have quite a few LV bags, enough to start a mini display. Will email you ’em pics soon.

    For now, I wish you good health, wealth and sunny days always. Writing such wonderful reviews about every woman’s best friend(s)!

    Love, Nur

    p.s. Did I tell you I love your blog the most? ; )

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