The Search For The Perfect Manbag #60 – Burberry Large Lowry Canvas Bag

I first covered the Burberry Large Lowry Canvas Bag as a response to my reader’s query. She loved it and ask me what I thought of it. It was love at first sight for me, I loved everything about it and told her to go for it. Sadly she told me it was much too big for her, which also piqued my interest. If it was too big for a girl, perhaps it would be just right for a guy?

Yesterday while I was at Ngee Ann City I decided to check it out. Amongst the mad crowds and sale bags, I spotted it, sitting alone on the top shelf. It was huge, but strangely just right for me. I tried it on and it was perfect. I loved the check canvas against the dark rich leather. It was one of those bags that sat upright on the table (all stiff and hard), and its bottom had feet to protect the leather base.

I loved the interior as well, roomy with loads of side pockets, some that came with zips. The long engraved pewter tag was charming as well and I was so obsessed I went later to their boutique at Paragon just to check it out again a second time. Right now, I’m torn. If I do decide to get it, Net-A-Porter would be my choice since it only sells for SGD1860 there. In Singapore, it costs SGD2600. But with my big spend on the Graffiti Keepall coming up soon, can this extra bag purchase be justified? Decisions, decisions. And Ah Weng, yes that’s me you saw at Ngee Ann City’s Burberry boutique. My Goyard must have given me away. Next time don’t be shy and do say hi ok?

Images: Net-A-Porter

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  • fE rIn [email protected] says:

    fall in love with this bag man.. is so nice.. Does the collection comes with wallet? I am looking for a burberry wallet that suits my age as I am in my early 20. The more classic designs looks too mature for me. Can your give me some suggestions?? Thanks.

  • meta-lodestar says:

    Yes it lovely isn’t it? So sad that’s it’s way too big for me and the smaller version is a kinda kiddish looking? If there is something in similar fabric I won’t mind getting it! Nontheless, really pleased with my own purchase! 😛 Thanks again for the tips 😛

  • ~tif;fany* says:

    ahhhhhhh nice!!!!!!!! :):)

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hey! I think the last Varick was bought by another reader of mine, Ljxin at the beginning of this month.

  • Love says:

    The other whispering guy with Ah Weng is me. Haha… Your shoe gave you away too.

    Anyway the Varick is out of stock from DFS Scotts Walk. I might be importing from USA. Ah Weng has learned lots from you and is attempting to recommend me bags as well.

    Jonathan Ho (aka Jonzai)

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