Marc by Marc Jacobs Rat Dopp Kit

I am a sucker for toiletry kits. Don’t ask me why, I always buy more than I can use and end up keeping more than I should. Now I really want the Marc by Marc Jacobs Rat Dopp Kit in Army Green (from his Special Items collection), though I know I will probably just keep it wrapped up to admire for eternity. That’s what happened to my Marc by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit. Love it, just can’t bear to use it. Which is just as well I could not get my hands on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat Dopp Kit in Yellow when I was in Hong Kong the last time. 

There is also the new Marc by Marc Jacobs Rat Tote. Seriously even though it comes in Brown, Black, Army Green and Navy, I think the White is still the coolest of them all, though I would not necessarily carry a tote around town with a rat on the side. Or will I?

Both items are dirt cheap too, if you can get them from the source that is. The dopp kit will only cost you around SGD28, while the tote is SGD42.

For the ladies, the very Burberry-esque Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Studded Clutch in Silver, which also comes in Black or Gold. From source, just SGD70. Not exactly an original design, but it sure is cheap. Which begs another question. Is this considered too blatant a copy?

And last but not least we got the Marc by Marc Jacobs Peseta Pouch. Now this mad quirky pouch is definitely an original for sure, with all the cute pigs lined on the inside. From source just SGD37

Images: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Update: 13 December 2008
A couple of you have emailed me asking where these Special Items are available at. They are only available at selected Marc by Marc Jacobs in the States and selected boutiques across the globe. London has selected items and Joe gets his fix there, and I understand Hong Kong too, but only at the flagship store in Causeway Bay. No such luck in Singapore, sorry folks.

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    I really have to go out soon, been a while since I headed to town…

  • meta-lodestar says:

    Hi, did you know that Marc Jacob has an outlet at Isetan Scotts now? It is where Max&Co used to be! Saw bags, clothes and accessories 😀 Was so happy to chance upon it!

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