JC Report – The New Age Of Accessories: Part 1

Thank you so so so much Mary Robinson for giving me such a huge mention in her article for JC Report titled ‘The New Age Of Accessories: Part 1‘. It’s a great honour! First CATALOG, and now JC Report. I am truly blessed.

What’s next? I hope the brands I love will start giving me bags (or at least loaning them to me for a couple of weeks), so that I can actually do a more in-depth and thorough review of them. It actually makes more sense, and allows the content on this blog to evolve (and hopefully get better and become more relevant to my readers). And we all know brands will only respond if they know enough readers of mine care to read what I write. Comments now from you guys will be much appreciated.

And yes, my name is Alvin.

Image: JC Report

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  • Kevin and myMANybags says:

    Congrats! Maybe soon you see a big surprise from LV? hehe

  • bel says:

    YES YES!

    I would love to see brands actually giving u the bags for a test run…to give u unlimited access to their fashion preview in SG n allow u to sniff out whats hot n whats new.

    Its really different to read about how a asian might feel about bags. Your blog is really informative…

    Congrats on being mentioned on JC Report…hope u will be mentioned in more article to come n may your name be spread far n wide.

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