Chocolate Research Facility

Standing outside this shop for the longest time at Millenia Walk, I was trying my best to figure out what they actually sold. After 5 minutes I finally understood. Called the Chocolate Research Facility, it offers a world’s first, 100 different flavours of chocolate all conceptualised by a serious chocolate lover. 

One of the more interesting collections would be their Spring-Summer 2009 series, with concoctions like Coffee With Nescafe Powder, Yam With Almond, Rose With Rose Petal and Ginger With Ginger Crystal. Never did buy anything, guess I was just too overwhelmed by it all. Next time however if I do pop by again (#01-30, 6338-5191), I will definitely get something to try.

Images: Chocolate Research Facility

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  • Ah Weng says:

    Hey bagaholicboy,
    think i saw you at burberry ngee ann city today, trying on a bag. you look great and i was too shy to go over to ask if it was u. anyway, i work at millenia tower and well i have tried the chocolates before and well they are tasty. i had the white chocolate and sesame ones but a little on the pricy side for a very small piece which my 2 other close colleagues and i devoured finish in 2 hours.
    ha ha ha… nice bag and charm though.


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