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It is not everyday you get an email from a designer herself, and in this case, one who has recently collaborated with Bree. Ayzit Bostan, an avant-garde fashion designer based in Munich has launched the Bree + Ayzit collection, replete with her radical, minimalist elegance she’s so famous for (so says the press release).

Of the 9 pieces, I am already loving a couple. One of them is the Bree + Ayzit 3 (shown above), a very simple grained leather tote bag with both shoulder straps and handles. Almost Hermès-esque if you ask me. Measuring 45 cm by 37 cm, the one in Natural is my personal fave.

I also love love love the Bree + Ayzit 6, another grained leather piece that’s primarily a wallet/purse. Measuring 17 cm by 6 cm, it also comes in Black and Natural besides the one in White shown above. Just love how neat and stylish it is. No mention of the prices, or if they will be available in Singapore anytime soon, so stay tuned!

Images: Ayzit Bostan & Bree

Update: 20 December 2008
Ok the prices are in. The Bree + Ayzit 3 retails for around SGD500, while the Bree + Ayzit 6 at around SGD185. The one right on top, the Bree + Ayzit 2 retails for SGD630 or so.

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