Bagaholicboy Profiles #6 – 10 Essentials: 00o00

Here’s my 2nd installment of 10 Essentials, and this time round I would like to introduce Joe of 00o00 fame. Another blog that’s part of my must-read list on a daily basis, Joe works hard by day, and shops as much as he can by night.

Based in London, I rely on his blog for first dibs on all that’s hip and hot from the UK and beyond. And these are his style essentials…
10 Essentials: 00o00
1. I wear my Bulgari CarbonGold everywhere. I waitlisted for about 6 months, and got it the day after I passed my professional exams. It means a lot to me and I bought it to signify a passing of time, a turning point of sorts.

2. I love Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, they fit very well and being shoemakers they know what they are doing. I find it a luxury to wear these shoes to work daily.

3. I seldom leave home without a thin spray of scent. It’s my first layer of dressing up, and then I put on a tee/shirt to let the body warmth brew and bring out the smell. My favourite is Helmut Lang‘s Cuiron. Now defunct, I can’t get it anywhere else and every drop is ever so precious.

4. I wear my Gap (Red) organic tee to death these days. Organic cotton is often brushed and kinder to your skin, and of course the environment.

5. These days I can’t live without my Leica D-Lux 3. I admit I am shallow and was first attracted to its sleek black casing rather than its functions, which don’t pale in comparison either.

6. It’s an indulgence, and I love Creme de La Mer‘s The Moisturizing Lotion. No one wants to age like a prune so let’s all moisturise and make this world a better place.

7. My favourite companion is my nylon duffle from Prada. Stylish yet practical, it is understated and one of the best travel bags I have.

8. I am not really a book person, but I bought Tony Parsons‘ Man & Boy to read during a flight back to London a few years ago. It’s an interesting and compelling read, the sort which makes you reflect upon your own life and relationships with those around you.

9. Music affects our moods and lifestyle. I love Icelandic band Sigur Ros, first heard about them when I was searching for that enigmatic and melancholic tune from the movie Vanilla Sky. Watching their concert almost felt like an orgasmic experience.

10. It’s refreshing to relax to a glass of French Martini while watching the world go by. And no it is not a ladies’ drink.

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