Ask The Bagaholicboy #81 – Anteprima Plastiq For Casual Fridays?

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I was shopping on Saturday and browsed at the Anteprima Plastiq boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre yesterday. What do you think of their bags? I am looking for something unusual that I can bring to work (on casual Fridays) and use for weekends too. Prices don’t seem as high as those on the website though, but I could be wrong.

A: Dear Wee-Ling, thanks for email. According to SGLifestyle, Anteprima Plastiq ‘is best known for its wire bags, made with an exclusive material known as PVC yarn. Characterised by its shine and contractibility, the multi-dimensional shine of the yarn diffuses under both natural and artificial light to produce a subtle shimmering effect’.

Personally I do find their bags rather pricey and rather nondescript, after a while everything starts looking the same. But back to your query. If you like it enough I see no reason why you should not invest in a bag for yourself, though a quick browse at their online site revealed no suitable choices for casual Fridays. I did spot the Anteprima Plastiq Pomello Melanzana (shown above), which I thought was rather cute, but more in an evening bag kind of way.

Perhaps you can send me some images of the bags you are eyeing and we can take it from there.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Anteprima Plastiq

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  • Anonymous says:

    just got one in cute ribbon shape…purple satin/plastic mix…gorgeous. the bag have been staring at me for the longest time everytime i pass by.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi there, i love the plastiq line but find it pricey, considering it’s well, non-leather. anyway, the style i like the best would be the round (oval shaped one). I’m 5’5″ fair skinned, medium build, should i get the small one (30x28cm) or the large one (37x37cm). I think the popular size for japanese ladies is the small one – but i’m definitely huge compared to the petite ladies 🙂 thanks!

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