Ask The Bagaholicboy #75 – Chanel For SGD2440 And Other Bits

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I need your help in deciding whether to get this bag. I’ve been overspending this quarter, especially with Christmas coming up, but I so love this Chanel bag! It’s the black and white striped bag from the Cruise 2009 Womens Chanel collection which you introduced on your blog in September. It’s made of canvas, and I was wondering if the material and the bag is worth the SGD2440 pricetag, since this is going to be my first Chanel. Thanks a lot for your help.

A: Dear Erica, sorry for the late reply. I have mixed feelings about this particular piece. On one hand, getting almost anything from Chanel would be foolproof since almost all of their pieces are considered iconic classics. On the other hand, this particular piece is almost entirely made of canvas and paying over SGD2000 for it is rather foolhardy. 

Tell you what, why don’t you check out all the great sales going on at the moment and see if your heart falls for anything else. At the end of the day, if you find nothing else and if you can truly afford the Chanel, go for it. But in my books, this is strictly a good-to-have, not a must-have. You have been advised.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Chanel

And other bits:
1. Trina, considering the fact that you are about 5 ft tall, I am afraid that both the Damier Ebene Trevi PM and the Coach Madison Leather Sabrina may be too big for your build. I think the Neverfull MM could work for you, though the one in Damier Ebene will not be released in Singapore till after March (or even later) at least.

2. Natsumi, congrats on your latest Chanel purchase. Do send me pics of your precious new baby.

3. Lisa, definitely choose Black for your Chanel 2.55 Reissue. As to whether to go for the matte or metallic versions ask yourself this. Would you use it as an everyday bag (then choose matte) or just a special occasion evening bag (then choose metallic). Do update me when you decide ok?

4. Fay, I am sorry but your friends are right. I don’t like that Celine bag much either.

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