Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat Dopp Kit

I’ve got my eye on this. Ever since hearing that Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques at The Landmark in Hong Kong carry a small selection of Special Items I have been planning what to get. One of those will definitely include the Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat Dopp Kit, which is so darling in Yellow.

I also hope to pick up a tie, a cashmere plaid scarf and a tee. Other must visits at The Landmark include Louis Vuitton and Goyard, which is within Harvey Nichols. My crew, who are also going to Hong Kong after our stint in Macau, also want to check out Muji (huge in HK!), Uniqlo and H&M. Can’t hardly wait, even though I have not even started packing yet and my flight is tomorrow. Geez.

Images: Marc Jacobs

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  • Gregory says:

    Hey, fellow Singaporean here , was wondering if you have been to the marc by marc store at takashimaya . Do you know if i can get the stinky rat line there or anynoe else in singapore ? Or the region ? thanks a bunch .

  • Kevin says:

    Have a wonderful holiday and work trip!:-) So much shopping places to check out! Hurray!

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