Kate Spade Vote Tote

Designed as a tribute to the historic 2008 election season, the Kate Spade Vote Tote is ‘decorated with election-inspired buttons that represent some of the freedoms we value most’.

I want it only because it is now half-off at Kate Spade (SGD112 or so after discount) and because it will make a fine addition to my collection but sadly they only ship within the States. Measuring 36 cm by 33 cm (big and roomy, just the way I like my totes), the open top tote comes with 6 removable election pins and features an interior zip pocket. If anyone out there can do me this favour, do drop me an email. 

Images: Kate Spade

Update: 2 November 2008
Thank you so much W.B for answering my post! I saw the images you attached, the Kate Spade Vote Tote is indeed gorgeous! I am indeed blessed to have readers like you.

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