The Good, The Bag And The Ugly #47 – Coach Amanda Satin Mini Satchel

Let’s be fair here, I wouldn’t exactly call the new Coach Amanda Satin Mini Satchel ugly, but it sure ain’t a pretty sight either. I chanced upon it while shopping at Isetan Scotts just now, and somehow the whole bag just looks disproportionate.

Sure the pleats are sweet and the poly satin (just a fancy word for polyester) is soft to the touch, but the front leather tab is just too big for the bag. And the handles, look at how long they are? Sure that means you can tote it under your arm too, but if the bag is so small to begin with would it just not look odd as well? All in all, it feels off and I am left feeling less than impressed. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it much either.

However for ardent fans out there who are not convinced and think otherwise, this bag also comes in Teal, Grass and Black (besides Magenta shown above) and retails for SGD605.

Image: Coach

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